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A totally unique, innovative and new approach to fitting those
difficult, hard-to-fit and “next-to-impossible-to-fit” ostomy cases.

Imagine this: your stoma is hidden between deep folds of skin. Perhaps the stoma protrudes, but still disappears. It could even be skin level, below skin level, or maybe there is no actual stoma - instead, it's just a slit. Nothing seems to fit "right" or stayed on longer than a few hours, or at most a day. The leakage is scorching.

Do any of these problems sound familiar? Under these particular circumstances, ordinary, round faceplates may not suffice. But this is when Perma-Type's Elliptical faceplates might be just the answer you've been looking for. Meant to resemble the human eye, Elliptical faceplates are designed to strategically fit in even the most formidable areas. While keeping folds of skin apart both above and below the stoma, Elliptical faceplates continuously apply pressure against the all-important stomal region. When correctly fitted the ultimate benefit provides excellent security and comfort to the user. So if you've ever had a similar experience to the one we've just described, then why not consider Perma-Type? Coupled with an uncompromising commitment to quality and wealth of knowledge, Perma-Type has the expertise to satisfy your unique requirements. Perma-Type. Made for your busy life style.

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