Absolute Flat - Flat is used when the abdomen is flat and firm or rounded and firm. Also used when the area surrounding the stoma is "mound-like."

Shallow - Shallow, very slightly convexed, is the most widely used. It is used in cases where the skin surrounding the stoma is smooth and flat. Post-operatively Shallow is almost always used.

Medium Cone - Medium Cone is slightly more convexed than the Shallow and is used in cases where there is a slight depression on one or more sides around the stoma. This type is also used by individuals having a somewhat soft abdomen.

Medium Convex - Medium Deep is used under the same circumstances as the Medium Cone and is used in similar cases but with depressions of greater degree. In certain cases, Medium Convex could also be used on individuals whose stoma has shrunk to skin level.

Medium Deep - Medium Deep is used under the same circumstances as the Medium Convex but where a deeper convexity is required.

Deep - Deep is used in extreme cases where depressions are deep or where the abdomen is extremely soft and flabby. Many individuals who gain weight may find they need the Deep, as the area immediately around the stoma does not grow outward as rapidly as the entire abdomen, leaving a deep depression surrounding the stoma. Deep is also used when the stoma is at skin level and the abdomen is extremely soft. It is not advisable to try the Deep without first having tried the Medium Convex or Medium Deep.


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