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Custom-Fabricated Faceplates
Available in 1, 2 or even 3 Convexities!

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There may come a time when you eventually find that you no longer are able to wear either the standard plastic, disposable or rubber-reusable type of ostomy appliance which you have become accustomed to. If this is the case, a customized appliance might be the solution. Such an appliance might incorporate a uniquely-designed stomal opening, convexity, faceplate or pouch.

When would customization actually be necessary?

  1. Weight loss or weight gain
  2. The stoma is located at skin level
  3. The stoma is located below skin level
  4. The stoma is shaped other than round
  5. Stoma placement (examples: too close to hip bone, pubic bone or rib cage)
  6. Aging: causing loss of muscle-tone and/or skin elasticity
  7. Physically challenged
  8. During and after pregnancy
  9. Partial or complete inability to perform chosen profession
  10. Sports

Generally, however, with a proper fitting Perma-Type appliance, most anyone can lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. The secret? A perfectly fitted faceplate. This can be obtained by having the stomal opening, convexity and size of the faceplate working in complete harmony with one another. When this happens, it becomes you who takes control of your ostomy. Not the other way around. With a Perma-Type appliance you may live life more freely than ever before– not just the way you wish it could be. Exercise. Play sports. Garden. Swim. Shower. Bathe. All without fear; fear that the appliance may break away or fear of leakage; leakage that could ultimately result in painful, raw or excoriated skin.

Over the years some of our customers have reported that they have worn their Perma-Type appliance for up to 2-3 weeks without changing even once.* Pretty remarkable, we think. And – as with any Perma-Type appliance – there are never any of those truly embarrassing “crinkling” or “rustling” noises. Our pouches are soft but very durable (a set of 2 appliances should last for approximately 3-4 months). Choose from among our unlimited combinations of standard appliances and faceplates, or simply customize one according to your needs. Either way, no matter what the requirements, we will make certain to respond promptly, professionally and courteously with important information to help in answering your questions or solving your particular problem(s).

*Although wearing time will vary from person to person, Perma-Type recommends individuals change their appliance approximately once per week.


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